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Features & Benefits

Quality advertising for a low cost

For only $0.10 US per keyword and day you advertise your business in our high quality network of search engine traffic.

Flat Rate Ad Pricing Model

Never pay for clicks again. We use a Flat Rate Pricing model which means that you pay a fixed price per keywords/phrase and month.

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Optimize your advertising efforts and targeting the right audience Start boosting your ROI today by using our powerful platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How Much Does it Cost?

All keywords are priced the same.

You only pay for the keywords you choose and the cost per keyword is $3 per month period.

How Much Traffic Do I Get?

The amount of traffic you get depends primarily of which keywords you are buying.

We will always try to deliver as much traffic as possible and we are growing more each day.

How Does It Work?

We will make an exact match on the query and primarily show the one that has bought the keyword/phrase.
Second, if we can’t make an exact match we will broaden the query gradually.
This means that if you would like to guarantee that your ads are showing for a specific keyword/phrase we would recommend you to buy the specific keyword.

Can I Edit My Ads/Keywords?

Yes, you can edit your ad(s) by contacting us and we will make the changes.

The keywords are active during the whole campaign-period and you can choose to not renew all keywords or just some.