SpeedyLinks – Link Insertion


Link insertions are an excellent way to build links and traffic quickly. Instead of creating new content, you simply add your link to our existing web pages across our 420,000+ article and webpages (DR 70+), connected to a keyword or phrase of your choice.

E.g. if your keyword is included in 500 articles, you automatically get a minimum of 500 backlinks to your page, traffic included.

We guarantee that your link will be active a minimum of 12 months. Often your link will be active forever.

Please enter your webpage where you want the link.
If you want us to choose the best SEO anchor-text for your webpage, please leave this empty.


Link insertions work faster than other link building strategies. Normally, you have to create new content, publish it and then wait for people to find and link to it (or ask them to link).

The process is much quicker with link insertions because the content already exists on our web pages. You don’t need to create or publish anything. We’ll add your link across our 40,000+ article and webpages (DR 70+) connected to the keyword(s) you’ve purchased.

The concept is simple: we insert your link in the body of all our articles and news. Once the content is published, no further maintenance is required.